War Wings is an aerial combat game set during World War II. Since it’s from Miniclip, you know it’s going to be a well made title if somewhat littered with in-app purchase opportunities, and you’d be right in this case. War Wings is simple to learn, but there are plenty of tricks that you can use in order to master the game and become the greatest flying ace out there.

Warwings.net is at hand with its War Wings Tips, Cheats and Strategies guide, ensuring you’ll be shooting down enemies left, right and center in no time.


Getting to Grips With Things

War Wings Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • The controls are pretty simple. A virtual joystick has you flying around, while buttons are available for ammo and boosting.
  • There’s also the addition of performing evasive manuevers. These are activated by swiping quickly on screen. It can be tricky to perform during the heat of the battle but it can make a big difference to your chances of survival.
  • By performing an evasive manuever, you spin to the side, ensuring you shake off your enemy’s tracking ability for a moment or two. It’s worth doing when you’ve been pinned down.
  • Stalling can be an issue when your plane suddenly loses power and you start falling out of the sky.
  • Avoid it by not overdoing the boost button. If you hold it for too long, you can overheat the engine. Ease into it so that doesn’t happen. Instead, you’ll gradually gain speed without losing everything.

Know Your Camera Angles

War Wings Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • When pursuing the enemy, you can simply line up with them and fly toward them. There are some more streamlined options, though.
  • If you tap on the enemy, you’ll track them ensuring you can enjoy a better view and you know exactly where you’re going. By locking on, it should be easier to take them out. If you want to switch targets, things get trickier.
  • Switch to Padlock mode and you focus on a specific enemy no matter what, always being able to see where you are in relation to them.
  • Finally, there’s Jager, which has you automatically tracking down enemies.
  • Learn when is best to switch between these types. Sometimes, you’re better off with one rather than the other. It’s all a matter of knowing what works best for you. I tend to favor just manually aiming for everything and enjoying the flexibility it provides.

General Tips

War Wings Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Stick together. Safety in numbers is key. That way, there’ll probably be a couple of you firing at the same plane. Don’t become isolated.
  • You can use rudimentary automated messages to communicate something but don’t rely on it. It’s tricky to reach that button while you’re also trying to survive. Just follow your instincts and stay close.

Outside of Combat

War Wings Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Join a Squadron. It’s the game’s equivalent of guilds, and it works pretty well at giving you a group to stick with, as well as offering up some bonuses.
  • Don’t forget to pursue the missions available that work kind of like achievements. They’re a good way of earning money.
  • Check out the upgrades available to you regularly. Use Research Points to build better planes before working on minor upgrades. The better a plane you have, the more chance you have of success.
  • Log in every day for some easy freebies.

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