War Wings is the game you should be playing on your phone right now. It’s a unique experience compared to any other mobile game you can download at the moment and there’s a reason it’s currently sitting at position 2 in the most popular titles on the Google Play Store.



In Appetite for Distraction we often highlight some of the worst apps available, but this week we had to take the opportunity to hammer home just how good War Wings is.


Its gameplay involves player versus player air battles in a World War 2 setting.  Airborne fighting is a hard mechanic to get right even on consoles and PC so considering this is a mobile title we were impressed throughout our time playing it.

In War Wings, you and three teammates control and shoot WW2 fighter planes in a battle against four other players.

If you’re a fan of flight and fight simulators from the 2000’s, you’ll love that War Wings is able to bring something from them to the more convenient platform of your smartphone.

When you boot up War Wings, you’re greeted by the woman below. She has a bold dress sense considering the game is set in wartime 1940’s, but we decided she’s maybe just dropped by after attending a 2017 fancy dress party.

We’ve been playing with the Hawk II, which seems to be based on the Curtiss F11C Goshawk fighter plane, but there are lots of other planes to fly in the game. There are also plenty of customization options so you can ensure you have the top plane out there.

Once you’ve settled on the plane that puts the wind beneath your wings, you can change how it works by improving the fuselage or installing an entirely new engine. These changes require money, so winning battles will ensure you earn enough to make your plane one of the best out there. Or you know, you could just buy some coins through microtransactions to get ahead.

For all its good points, one annoying element is the lack of a single player mode within War Wings.

It means you’re restricted to not being able to play while you’re without internet (particularly annoying if you regularly play when riding the London Underground) and it’s not a good idea to play on the move if you have a limited data allowance. This is a game that will eat through it quickly.

Connection seemed solid throughout our time with the game and there was barely any lag which is impressive considering this is a game likely being played by everyone in the four vs four matches over a wireless internet connection.

Appetite for Distraction

Would I play this on the toilet? As long as you have a stable internet connection this is the best game to play right now while you’re sat on the toilet.

Ad’o’meter? Surprisingly, nothing. It’s all just adverts for the game itself… beware there are a lot of micropayments in here.

Who in the world would play this? History enthusiasts and just about everyone who enjoys gaming on their Android phone.

Did my phone get hacked after installing it? Nope – you can even play as a guest so it won’t have access to your Facebook.

Should you download it? Would 100% recommend.

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