With Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk riding high in the movie charts right now, the days of great battles fought upon land, sea and air are surely stuck in many people’s minds.  If you’d quite like to get in on a piece of the action, but from the safety of your own mobile device, then War Wings from has just been released upon the western audience from Miniclip.

War Wings Logo

This WWII air combat themed title has already been a massive success in Asia, with 25,000 players awarding it an average 4.4 out of 5 stars.  Developed by Tencent and Mobilefish, now it’s your turn to scream, “Bandits at 5 o’clock!” as you get involved in a nerve-shattering dogfight against players across the globe, or find yourself nose-diving towards the ocean to take out the enemy’s naval fleet.

War Wings Screenshot

Climb into the cockpit of your favourite warplane from World War II, and battle out dogfights in real-time PvP! World War II aerial combats come to life in WAR WINGS with historically accurate warplanes and realistic weapon damage. There are 70+ warplanes to choose from and multitudes of customisation to try depending on your tactics and strategies. With 4×4 real-time PVP capability, you can choose to fly solo as a lone wolf or team up with ally squadrons to control the skies. Epic rewards and customisable emblems are there for your taking, by battling through millions of players worldwide and climbing up to the top of Global PvP Leaderboard. WAR WINGS comes with variety of controls to choose from including gyroscope, virtual stick, and D-pad.

War Wings is available to download for free from App Store and GooglePlay now.

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