War Wings is a flight based game where you control one of those classic fighter planes in third person view. You get to choose and customize from a plethora of classic planes at your disposal. Partake in missions that will give you glory for yourself or for your squadron. Enjoy this action packed shooter with the help of our War Wings hack, cheats, tips and guide.

War Wings is available on Android

War Wings is available on itunes

Track down enemies

In War Wings you have different options for tracking down enemies so that you can lock on to them and have a greater chance of shooting them down. The Padlock tracking method allows you to target a specific enemy. You can see how far you are from each other so that’s good. The God View allows you to see a greater scale of the area. You can then click on the enemi aes that you want to track down. Then finally the Jager is like an auto-lock feature where you just tap on it and it locks on to any nearby enemies. Tracking down enemies allows you to get rid of them much faster.

Moving in the air

Controlling your plane is easier said than done. Basically the plane move on its own so swiping on the screen will allow you to move it at any direction that you would want. In some cases your plane will be flying still. That is because it isn’t getting the right altitude yet so just wait for it to do so. You can manually accelerate but watch out for the engine and don’t let it overheat.

In terms of combat, enemies can be firing at you from different directions. Doing some evasive maneuvers is good so make sure that you do so. That way you wouldn’t be dropping down to your doom right away. Swiping makes you evade and do some tricky turns. One thing you need to be mindful is that some of these maneuvers can be only executed during single player modes.

Bombs away

In War Wings one feature that you have to do is to drop the Bomb. It is a nice little weapon of mass destruction that you can use but is very tricky. First of all you need to find the right altitude in doing so. You can go up or down until you find the right one so to speak. Once you do wait for the target indicator to turn white. If you prematurely drop the bomb before that happens, it can deal less damage so wait for the target indicator to turn white.

Be a part of a Squadron

You can play the game on your own and rack in those points and glory for yourself. However joining a Squadron is one thing you can do. One reason is that you can only participate in team battles when you are part of a Squadron. The good thing is that you can still play solo missions and battles even if you are a part of Squadron. Don’t forget to update and change your planes from time to time as well.

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